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How to Know When Surgery is the Solution


January 19, 2017

Have you been contemplating cosmetic surgery, but aren’t sure if it is right for you? This happens to a lot of people when they are faced with tough decisions and we want to lend you a helping hand. If you exhibit any of the following qualities, you might be a perfect candidate for cosmetic surgery!

Hormonal Issues
There are several conditions that occur in both men and women that could cause a hormonal imbalance resulting in weight gain. When the weight goes on, it can be difficult to lose it use the metabolism and digestive system can not break down food the way it should. It’s essentially like fighting an uphill battle. If this is the case with you and your troubles with weight loss, cosmetic surgery might be an option for you.  

Realistic Expectations
If you’re considering liposuction or smartlipo surgery, you should be within 30% of your ideal body weight. If you aren’t, you might be putting money into something that is unrealistic or even impossible to achieve. Try exercising, dieting and changing your habits to get within the range of ideal weight before consulting with a surgeon.

Healthy Lifestyle
You should be living a healthy lifestyle in the months prior to and after your surgery. This means eating more lean protein, vegetables and grains and exercising regularly. It is not safe to have these types of surgeries if you’re not fully healthy.

The number one reason people list for having cosmetic surgery is the desire for more self-confidence. But we want you to understand that these surgeries don’t necessarily give you the self-esteem you need. They can make you confident in your appearance, but it is up to you understand your true beauty.

At Wall Street Cosmetic Surgery, we take pride in the fact that we are the big cities premiere cosmetic surgery practice. Our surgeons are all board certified, highly talented and willing to work on your particular needs.

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