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The Future of Cosmetic Surgery


January 12, 2017

If you look at how far cosmetic surgery has come in the past thirty years, the next thirty years should be exciting. The world of medicine moves just below light speed and our industry looks a little bit different every time the calendar turns a page. Could cosmetic surgery reverse paralysis? Could it give hope to soldiers and other amputees? Only time will tell…

Personalized Tissue Engineering
In 30 years, personalized tissue engineering will mean that physical structures like ears, lips and skin can be grown or manufactured in a lab. And it won’t only give the subject a new look. These structures will be able to function normally and give the patient a completely new outlook on life. This major breakthrough will require a way to control the immune system from attacking ‘foreign’ parts, but we are already well on our way. These advancements are real and in all likelihood, they will be here before the thirty year timeline is up.

Reconstruction Post-Trauma
In the event of a car accident or major traumatic injury, surgeons do their best to restore a person’s appearance to normality. But in the coming years, this process will become far easier for emergency cosmetic surgeons. Tiny implants will use electrical conduction and novel materials to restore movement to areas of paralysis. Could you imagine the euphoric feeling of walking again after decades of being confined to a wheelchair? These breakthroughs are on the way!

The Demand for Cosmetic Surgery
While the rate of traumatic injuries and major reconstructive surgeries is down, the demand for reverse aging and appearance boosting cosmetic surgery is at an all time high. In 2014, about 15.6 million cosmetic procedures were performed in the United States alone. Of those 15.6 million, 286,000 were breast augmentation and 211,000 were liposuction. We also saw a rise in the number of people receiving minimally invasive cosmetic surgery. So much so in fact that nearly 7 million people received botox injections in 2014!

Here at Wall Street Cosmetic Surgery, we are constantly adapting with the times and our doctors are adamant about learning new techniques. Every member of our team is board certified and has years of experience with Smartlipo, Gynecomastia and all types of cosmetic surgery.

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