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How To Look Thinner In Your Winter Wardrobe


November 30, 2016

The entire purpose of cosmetic surgery is to give people the look they desire so they can achieve the confidence they deserve. Another way to instill confidence is with a great outfit and the colder weather should not leave you settling for less than your best. These fashion tips will help you stay warm and look your best during the upcoming winter season.

Thermal Underwear
Packing on the layers might make you feel warmer, but it isn’t doing you in any favors in the slimming category. To stay warm and look great while you do it, invest in a pair of thermal underwear. This will keep you warm by locking in your body’s moisture and it will also help hide bulges and back fat. Eliminating bulky layers is going to be a common theme in this article so stay tuned.

Go With Cashmere
Cashmere sweaters are warmer than traditional cotton brands and they aren’t nearly as baggy. A sweater and an overcoat day could just turn into a sweater day if you have a nice cashmere cardigan in your wardrobe.

Go Dark
The classic slimming trick is to go with dark colors and the same holds true for your winter get up. Charcoal grey, dark plum, dark cranberry and other dark shades are perfect for the December, January and February months if you are going shopping this weekend. They don’t draw attention to your problem areas and they go with almost any pair of shoes or accessories.

Slim Your Limbs
If you’re going out this weekend in a dress or a skirt, put on some wool stockings for a slimming effect. If you want to take it a step further, you should wear boots that have a heel to elongate the look of your legs. You should also try to avoid flats or shoes with ankle straps as these can make your ankles appear thicker than they really are.

If you feel like you need some extra slimming this season, we offer a number of different minimally invasive procedures to help you fine tune your look. We are currently offering a special for our SmartLipo procedure that runs through the new year so there is no time to waste!

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