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Is it Time for a Mommy Makeover?


July 16, 2018

Mommy makeovers are a variation of plastic surgery treatments that help women bounce back from pregnancy. While each woman’s procedure is different, every mother stands to benefit from this treatment.

Why Cosmetic Surgery?

When we have children and are struggling to lose the baby weight, a mommy makeover may be just what we need. When considering treatment for this type of surgery, the options include liposuction, breast lifts, tummy tucks, or butt lifts. These procedures work to bring back the look and feel of our pre-pregnancy body.

The first step for anyone considering a mommy makeover is to visit a plastic surgeon for an evaluation. In an evaluation, the surgeon will be able to determine if this procedure is the best option. Women that may benefit the most from this procedure have experienced significant changes to their abdomen due to their pregnancy. Similarly, if one has experienced any pregnancy-related breast sagging, this surgery is typically a great way to improve or eliminate that.

To Get the Surgery or Not

Even though women may be interested in receiving this surgery and may think they are a good candidate, there are some other factors that must be considered before following through with the procedure. These include whether or not the mom wants to become pregnant again, as well as if they plan to keep breastfeeding.

What’s Involved in this Treatment?

In an evaluation, the surgeon will determine what treatment plan is best for the mom. The recovery time will depend on the type of treatment received. With multiple treatments, one will likely need to recover for a longer period of time.

When recovering from surgery, it is common to feel tenderness and pain in the treated areas and doctors will most likely prescribe medications to help with recovery. With certain treatments that affect one’s daily life, like butt lifts, patients may have to recover on bed rest following the procedure.

Find out today if a mommy makeover is the right option for you by contacting us. With this surgery, moms can return to the beauty of a pre-pregnancy body while enjoying all the new adventures that motherhood brings with it.


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