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The Benefits of Skin Removal After Massive Weight Loss


July 18, 2018

Many of us look forward to reaching our weight loss goals and having a slimmer body. But sometimes there is an unexpected surprise after losing a large amount of weight. Skin can become loose and saggy, and no amount of toning or exercising can fix it. Luckily, there is a solution to this problem!

Causes Of Excess Skin

Excess skin can develop after someone gains a lot of weight and stretches out their skin. Once a large amount of weight is lost, the stretched out skin has lost it’s elasticity and does not bounce back. The amount of skin left behind varies depending on each individual person. Aside from the fact that most people simply don’t like the look of their excess skin, it can also cause both physical and emotional problems for them.

The Benefits Of Removing Excess Skin

We want to help our patients overcome problems related to excess skin following a substantial weight loss. Patients who have excess skin may have issues with poor body image, despite having lost a large amount of weight. Excess skin may also cause problems with personal hygiene which can lead to skin rashes and breakdown. Clothing that fits properly may also be hard to find. Finally, excess skin can just get in the way of daily living for the patient.

Skin Removal Surgery — The Permanent Solution For Skin Sagging

Here at Wall Street Cosmetic Surgery, we offer a permanent solution for sagging skin related to weight loss. Surgical intervention can permanently remove stretched out or sagging skin that is no longer attached tautly to the body. In addition, many of the embarrassing stretch marks are also removed. This surgery can provide patients with skin that fits the body properly and shows off their weight loss even more.

We want all patients to feel good about themselves and enjoy the fruits of the hard work they have done to lose weight. Our team is ready to perform body lift surgery and other interventions to remove excess skin from arms, legs, breasts, abdomen, buttocks and even face. Our team at Wall Street Cosmetic Surgery is waiting to help you get rid of the excess skin and enjoy the weight loss you have worked so hard to achieve. Contact us today for a consultation.


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