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SmartLipo v. Traditional: What’s the Difference?


July 6, 2016

Do you have stubborn fat that just won’t quit, even after hours of exercising and a diligent healthy diet? If so, liposuction might be the solution for you! But, which kind? The latest and greatest in liposuction technology is the SmartLipo laser treatment, and here’s why:

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Anesthesia – Unlike traditional liposuction treatments, patients undergoing SmartLipo are not required to go under general anesthesia. Instead, patients remain awake for the entire procedure, using only a local anesthetic to numb the treated area.

Technology – The new SmartLipo laser technology allows our doctors to use a significantly smaller cannula, or tube, to remove fat cells more easily and effectively. Where traditional liposuction removes fat cells in large chunks through a larger tube, SmartLipo liquefies fat cells first — which means no damaged fat cells will be left behind.

Effectiveness – As an added bonus, the heat from the SmartLipo laser helps regenerate collagen, firming and tightening skin as fat cells are removed. The same cannot be said for traditional lipo. In fact, patients who choose the traditional route are often left with loose skin after the fat has been removed. In addition, the SmartLipo laser has the ability to target only fat cells, leaving the surrounding tissue unaffected and minimizing the amount of damage to blood vessels that the traditional method often disrupts.

Recovery – As compared to the traditional seven or more days spent post-treatment, SmartLipo normally has patients up and about in two. Since the laser technology eliminates blood vessel and nerve damage, bruising is minimized and overall healing is accelerated.

Affordability – Perhaps the best perk of all — SmartLipo is not only more convenient physically, but it’s also more convenient for your wallet! Without the cost of general anesthesia, the SmartLipo alternative is much more affordable. Plus, we offer personalized financing options for all.

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