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Tricks to Remove Halloween Makeup That Are Good For Your Skin


October 25, 2017

We want you all to go out and enjoy the Halloween weekend, but let’s face it, Halloween isn’t the best for our skin. The paints, glues and adhesives are going to dry out your skin and it is up to you to rejuvenate it after the costume party. Here are some of the most skin-friendly ways to do it:


This trick has been used in theaters for years and it is good for your skin! The oils in Vaseline help to lift the makeup off of your skin and cause less irritation than soap and water. This will also hydrate your skin after it has probably been dehydrated by the chemicals in your makeup or masks.

Baby Oil

Baby products are always great to use on your skin because they are designed to cater to the sensitive needs of a baby. Dipping a cotton swab into baby oil and rubbing it on the makeup will help to lift it off of the skin. This won’t work as well as the Vaseline, so you will probably need to follow up with your everyday face cleaning products.

Facial Scrub

If you are a male, take your wife, mom or girlfriends facial scrub that they use after they remove their everyday makeup. These scrubs are designed to remove the paint and hydrate the skin after they have cleaned what they need to clean. It might be better to use these scrubs after you have already used the other techniques off the list.

Baby Wipes

Again with the baby products! Baby wipes are very effective at removing makeup and they will remove halloween costumes just as effectively. Make sure you fold it over a few times before you use it because you’ll need to apply pressure to get it all off. The wipe will rip if you neglect the folding.

Here at Wall Street Cosmetic Surgery, we repair the areas that lie beneath the skin and we make them look beautiful. Your skin is the last piece of the beauty puzzle and we don’t want you to ruin it because of a silly costume party.

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