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What Happens If I Gain Weight After Liposuction?


April 13, 2018

Liposuction is a fantastic way to remove unwanted areas of fat. However, people must take steps to ensure that fat does not return. If fat does return, it will come back in areas of the body where people have not had liposuction, and it can be difficult to get rid of.

The Problem of Weight

After a number of scientific studies, research experts are unsure as to why fat may come back after liposuction procedures. When a person undergoes liposuction, the area where the procedure was performed will no longer have any fat cells. This means, when fat does return, it will come back in a different location and possibly in stronger force. It is suggested that the brain is responsible for the body regaining fat due to the trauma of liposuction surgery. Rather than allow the fat to leave, the brain tells the body that it is missing a “vital function” and tries to build up storage in other areas.

While patients may think that liposuction is a cure-all, they must act to keep their body weight in check after liposuction. If they turn to habitually unhealthy habits after the procedure, they could quickly gain the weight back, just in a different area. In many cases, fat distribution is quelled, and the patient does not gain back an exorbitant amount of weight. However, if unhealthy lifestyle choices are made after an operation, a patient may become heavier than they were before liposuction if left unchecked.

Engaging in a Healthy Lifestyle

Before undergoing a liposuction procedure, a patient should start working on his or her diet and exercise plan. A good exercise plan will help a patient stay active and keep extra weight off of their body. Healthy eating habits should include doing away with carbs and eating more protein alongside fruits and vegetables. Additionally, drinking water is an excellent way to maintain cravings and to curb appetite.

After liposuction, a patient should continue with a strong diet and exercise plan. This will help the patient achieve maximum weight loss while assisting in the fight to keep off the extra weight.

Undergoing a liposuction procedure is a terrific way to lose much of the excess fat that is hard to shred through dieting and exercising. However, patients need to remember that liposuction is not a cure-all remedy, and they must continue to eat healthy snacks and maintain a good exercise regimen.


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