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Why a Cold Month Is the Best Time for Cosmetic Surgery


April 9, 2018

Many people toy with the idea of getting plastic surgery or liposuction, but some wait for the “perfect time” to undergo a procedure. While waiting has its purposes, many doctors encourage patients to have these procedures accomplished in colder seasons, such as late fall, or after Christmas in the colder winter months. In this blog, we will think through why doctors encourage this behavior.

Colder months make it easier to stay inside and recuperate

During rainy or chilly winter months, many people are apt to stay indoors. This is a perfect opportunity for those had received cosmetic surgeries to stay inside, relax, limit unnecessary mobility (if ordered to do so), and fully recover before having to deal with the plethora of social gatherings that summer often brings. The weather affords the patient the ability to stay indoors, which helps fight irritation, swelling, and other adverse side effects. Sensitive areas should be kept free of sweat, a typical byproduct of summer weather, which can lead to possible infections or irritation of the skin.

Comfortable and Private Recovery Space

The cooler temperatures of fall and winter often lead people to wear loose-layered clothing, which allows for faster healing of surgically-created swelling and bruising. During cold weather, a patient can lie back, make themselves at home with a comfy blanket and tasty food, catch up on their favorite Netflix series, and not worry about missing social gatherings or fret about their appearance after a surgical procedure. Isolation is typical in cold weather, and this creates a window of opportunity for recuperation.

Life events are usually slower in the winter months, and that is why many doctors encourage patients to have procedures performed during this timeframe. Additionally, recovery should be finished by the time swimsuit season comes about. This makes a recovery less stressful on the patient and gives them a more beneficial recuperation period which ultimately leads to better outcomes regarding surgery.


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