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What is Breast Augmentation Recovery Really Like?


August 29, 2018

Recovery is as much a part of your cosmetic surgery experience as the actual procedure is. For that reason, it’s important to know what you should expect during your recovery period. Remember, the more you know about your entire procedure, the happier you’ll likely be with your results!

1 Hour After Surgery

Patients are typically allowed to leave their recovery room within a few hours of a breast augmentation. Once a patient is awake, stable, and feeling well, they’re typically allowed to leave.

2 Days After Surgery

The first few days after surgery, you should do very little physical activity and should be getting plenty of rest. Most patients will experience light to moderate pain or discomfort during the first day or two, however, this can be easily managed through pain medication.

Patients should also continue to wear the surgical bra that was given to them in order to protect their wounds and easy any discomfort. Patients can also take a shower for the first time since their surgery on day two or three.

1 Week After Surgery

After about a week, most patients can begin returning to their normal life. Patients often go back to work or school six to seven days after surgery. However, you should still refrain from any heavy lifting, exercising, or strenuous activity.

Because your breasts have not yet settled at this point, they may still not look exactly how you pictured. With a bit more time, they will start getting softer and drop.

1 Month After Surgery

It’s at this point that patients can return to almost all normal activity, including exercise (though we still suggest avoiding chest-specific exercises for a few more weeks).  

6 Weeks After Surgery

Six weeks marks the end of your recovery period. It’s at this point that most patients can sleep comfortably in any position (their side, stomach, back), exercise, and wear any bra they’d like. Your breasts will now be fully settled.


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