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Can Gynecomastia Go Away on Its Own?


August 23, 2018

Though gynecomastia may not be a serious health condition, it can wreak havoc on a man’s self-esteem if he has it. Young boys and men with gynecomastia often feel embarrassed or ashamed of the fact that they have enlarged breasts and wish they would just go away. 

Will Gynecomastia Go Away Overtime?

That’s a tough question to answer. You may not realize it, but most male infants are born with enlarged breasts. Within two to three weeks, they’ll usually begin to decrease in size. However, if you begin to develop breasts at a later age, they’re not as likely to go away on their own.

Gynecomastia in Teens

Most men with persistent gynecomastia will develop it during puberty when their hormones are changing. For some, gynecomastia will go away once they finish puberty and their hormone levels return to normal. However, some men will notice little to no change in their chest size, even years after puberty has ended.

Gynecomastia in Men Over 20

If you develop gynecomastia after puberty, it likely won’t go completely away on its own or with natural remedies.

It’s also very likely that hormones have nothing to do with your specific case of gynecomastia. Things like tumors and malnutrition have also been known to cause the condition. If this is the case, it’s more unlikely that your breasts will naturally get smaller over time.

Lifestyle Changes

Though the best solution for men with persistent gynecomastia is surgery, certain lifestyle changes can have some effect on your breasts. If you have gynecomastia, you should:

  • Avoid alcohol.
  • Never smoke cigarettes.
  • Stay away from substances, like marijuana, heroin, steroids, and methadone.
  • Exercise regularly, paying specific attention to chest-based exercises.
  • Check your medications, as certain ones can cause or exaggerate gynecomastia.


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