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10 Dieting Tips to Fine-Tune Your Physique


July 26, 2016

Sticking to a weight loss plan can be difficult, but we promise that it’ll all be worth it in the end! In the meantime, here are a few dieting tricks you can employ to help keep yourself on track along your fitness journey.


  1. Pre-Game Dinner – Avoid eater’s remorse the next time you go out to a restaurant by mixing up a quick protein smoothie first. That way, you’ll be more full and less likely to overeat.
  2. Drink Water – Water makes the world go round and keeps your metabolism going nice and strong. Plus, it helps to curb your appetite!
  3. Cut It Off – Put yourself on a meal schedule and lock the fridge up tight by 9 p.m. That’s right, no more snacking before you snooze!
  4. Park Far – Getting in a few extra steps from the car to the office each morning can make a difference. You may even consider forgoing the stairs for the elevator as well!
  5. Let Yourself Cheat – Let’s face it, there’s nothing quite like a Friday afternoon beer to celebrate the close of another long work week — you earned it. But only on “cheat day!”
  6. Utilize The Weekends – Go for a hike, ride a bike or take the dog for a long stroll by the beach, and don’t forget to meal prep! Make the most of your time off, you won’t regret it.
  7. Hold The Dressing – A healthy salad can turn fattening in seconds. All it takes is a whole lot of salad dressing. Instead of dousing your salad, dip forkfuls in a side container instead.
  8. Skip Sauces – On that note, opt for low calorie spices instead of fattening dipping sauces. You’d be surprised how much sugar is in one serving of ketchup, honey mustard or BBQ sauce!
  9. Store Healthy Snacks – When that mid-afternoon craving hits, have some healthy snacks on deck in your desk drawer. Some granola or a handful of almonds perhaps?
  10. Get a Partner – Consider enlisting a friend, family member or coworker to join your on your fitness journey. That way, you can meal prep together, workout together, and keep each other out of the junk food aisle and far from the vending machine!

What dieting tips and tricks do you use to keep yourself on a healthy weight loss program? We’d love to hear all about them on our Facebook page.

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