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The Makeup of a Mommy Makeover


July 20, 2016

There’s nothing more beautiful and exciting than the birth of a child, and there’s no one more selfless and caring than a mother. Here at Wall Street Cosmetic surgery, we appreciate all that mommy’s do and all that they sacrifice for their children — including their tight bikini bodies! That’s why we offer complete mommy makeovers to patients who have decided that it’s time to take back their body and be proud of how they look.

Tummy Tuck – It’s normal for skin to stretch and sag after pregnancy, and even more so after multiple pregnancies. A tummy tuck will help to remove excess skin and stretch marks, while also tightening back up the abdominal muscles. Oftentimes a tummy tuck will also be accompanied by liposuction as well. The result? A smooth, flat tummy you’ll be proud to flaunt once more!

Lipo or SmartLipo – Your belly isn’t the only thing that puts on a bit of weight during pregnancy. The thighs, hips, waist, and buttocks can all experience excess fat lingering after the fact. That’s where liposuction comes in! Using the latest technologies, we can help you shed those saddlebags and stubborn fatty areas you’d rather live without.

Breast Augmentation – Finally, many women experience changes in their breast size, shape and overall tissue firmness post-pregnancy. Just like the belly, breasts can become enlarged and stretched while pregnant. Breast augmentations are personalized, meaning that there are a number of different avenues to take in order for each patient to achieve their personal body goals. Whether you’re looking to plump, lift or tighten, a breast augmentation can help.

After all that hard work, you deserve to feel beautiful and confident as can be, and Wall Street Cosmetic Surgery is here to help you achieve just that. Our mommy makeovers are 100% personalized, so you can choose the procedures you want and need to help you take back your life and feel confident again.

To learn more about our tummy tuck, SmartLipo, and breast augmentation procedures, call 212-344-0496 or request a complimentary consultation online today.


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