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Looking In — The Emotional Benefits of Cosmetic Surgery


August 16, 2018

Can cosmetic surgery make you a happier person? While that question can’t always be answered with a definitive yes or no answer, studies show that cosmetic surgery has the ability to drastically improve a person’s body image and self-esteem.

Study: The Impact of Cosmetic Interventions on Quality of Life

In 2008, Dr. Neil S. Sadick of Cornell University completed “The Impact of Cosmetic Interventions on Quality of Life” study. The goal of the study was to determine if people were more satisfied with their quality of life several months after a surgical or non-surgical procedure. Below are just a few of his key findings:

  • Out of the 110 patients who underwent a breast lift surgery, 95 percent of them reported an improvement in their physical and psychological health. They also said that their overall well-being greatly improved after surgery.
  • Just six months after having various elective cosmetic surgeries, 105 patients in the study reported major improvements to their life. Most notably, they reported positive changes in their sex life, social life, and romantic relationships.

How Cosmetic Surgery Affects Self-Worth

Most people who undergo cosmetic surgery do so for one primary reason—themselves. In fact, frustration with weight or body disproportion is the number one motivation for cosmetic surgery. While the desire to undergo surgery may stem from an emotional standpoint, are those who go “under the knife” happy with the results?

Studies of Patients

When an older patient undergoes cosmetic surgery, the emotional results are typically good! Research published on the National Center for Biotechnology Information website shows that patients who undergo cosmetic surgery are generally happier with their overall physical appearance. Additionally, those who undergo cosmetic surgery are generally more satisfied with the look of area where the surgery was performed. Therefore, research has proven that cosmetic surgery can make a healthy impact on your overall self-confidence.

The Helping Hand of Cosmetic Surgery

While our team at Wall Street Cosmetic Surgery is proud of the work we do and truly believe in the emotional benefits of undergoing SmartLipo or other procedures, we also know that body image issues are extremely tough to deal with. We are excited to help change the looks and lives of thousands of people through our work every year, but patients should understand that self-worth must come from within. We truly believe our services can help you achieve your goals in life, but you are ultimately the one who attains those goals. We are only a stepping stone on your path to success, and our services focus on your desires, your needs, and your body. If you are interested in hearing more about cosmetic surgery and how our work can help you attain a brighter tomorrow, contact us now to set up a consultation. We are so excited to be a part of your next step towards a confident lifestyle!

Words from Past Wall Street Cosmetic Surgery Patients

Still not sold? Just look at what past patients of Wall Street Cosmetic Surgery have had to say about their self-confidence and happiness after surgery!

  • “Thank you for making me a new person. Finally, I love me! You will always have a special place in my heart for improving my self-esteem. Thank you all for making me feel so special!” – Eva M.
  • “Words just cannot convey the depth of my gratitude. I trust you will know how much I appreciate all that you have done! The gynecomastia surgery was really a life-changing procedure for me.” – Jonathan
  • “This is to let you know that the gynecomastia surgery has without a doubt changed my life. I am finally able to conquer my body image issues and feel good about myself.” R. Ramsey
  • “You have made me the happiest person alive. I was so depressed at how I looked, my clothes never fitting right, the self-conscious. Nobody is asking “are you pregnant” anymore. I’ve been having a great time shopping for new clothes.” – Jane C.

Cosmetic Surgery Can Improve Your Overall Well-Being

When a patient gets cosmetic surgery for the right reasons, is realistic about the outcome they can expect, and makes health a priority after their surgery, it’s clear that the procedure can have a wonderful impact on their self-esteem and self-image.

For more information on all things cosmetic surgery, give Wall Street Cosmetic Surgery a call at (212) 344-0496 or visit us online!


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